About Us

Grab’n Go Pack was established out of pure necessity. Like many others during the downturn of our economy, my wife and I struggled to make ends meet. We realized we needed to have not only a financial nest-egg but a food storage nest-egg, as well. We started educating ourselves on the process of long term food storage. The more we learned about food storage the more we understood about emergency preparedness. We had no clue how closely food storage and emergency preparedness were tide together.

In 2009 I started building our food storage with bulk dry and canned goods. We learned how to preserve dry goods for long term storage, added items to our supplies necessary for survival, and built a database allowing us to track and rotate our inventory of supplies. We realized that having emergency supplies is just as equally important as having an emergency fund. Today we have enough supplies to protect our family for a minimum of two years. We began talking to friends and neighbors about food storage and emergency preparedness to only discover a majority had very little knowledge about it. The ones who did understand the importance learned from Red Cross presentations that they attended in the past.

With our new found knowledge on preparedness and with the lack of knowledge from friends and neighbors, we wanted to share what we learned by providing an avenue to bring more awareness so others can start planning for their own food storage and emergency supplies.

In 2011 we established Grab’n Go Pack and partnered with FEMA National Preparedness Community and ReadySanDiego.org. We began volunteer work to include the San Diego/Imperial County Red Cross and San Diego City College Disaster Preparedness Workshop through the American Red Cross program as an emergency preparedness speaker; we participated in events at the San Diego Hospice Institute for Palliative Care, La Jolla Country Day School, and Melisa & Kays Memorial 5K Walk & Fun Run; we presented to the Players Business Alliance Group, Partnership with Industry, National City Rotary Club, Uptown Sunrise Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Lemon Grove Rotary, Downtown San Diego Lion Club, President Alliance Group, Park Dale Elementary School, and ZipRealty Inc. Grab’n Go Pack became a member of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, and we continued our outreach beyond Southern California into other regions such as the Rotary Club of Menlo Park and Rotary Club of San Mateo Sunrise in Northern California, as well.

In 2012-2013 I was certified from the CERT San Diego Academy program, FEMS Emergency Management Institute in Emergency Preparedness, Active Shooter program, and received an FCC amateur radio license. The education received from these certification programs contributed to the development of Grab’n Go Pack’s first Readiness Program to address the emergency preparedness needs of small and medium size businesses and organizations.

As we look to the future we will continue educating others on the value of emergency preparedness. With the commercializing of emergency preparedness and prepper programs we will always seek new venders and affiliates who put the community first and offer new and exciting products that don’t leave a footprint in our environment.


are you prepared?

Daryl Williams
President & Co-Founder