Speaking Events

President Alliance Group

San Diego Uptown Rotary Club
Park Dale  Elementary PTA
National City Rotary Club
San Diego Hospice
Lemon Grove Rotary Club
ZipRealty, inc

Partnership with Industry
San Diego Downtown Lions Club
Rotary Club of Freedom
San Mateo Sunrise Rotary Club
Mountain View Rotary Club
Saratoga Senior Center
Menlo Park Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Watsonville
Creekside Village Apartments
Sycamore Bay Apartments

Grand Oak Apartments
CA Department of Rehabilitation
4Cs Multi-Hazard Workshop

CA Department of Rehabilitation
SEIU Local 99 Multi-Hazard Workshop

Greenly Apartments
Rolando Park Community Council

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  • 45minute interactive video presentation

  • Display table of 72 Hour Emergency Packs for purchase

  • Display table of FEMA & Emergency Management material

  • We Raffle 3-72 Hour Emergency Packs at the end of each presentation

  • Each guest receives a GNG Pack Emergency Preparedness & Survival Guide                                                            

Community Events

VA Fundraiser

CERT San Mateo

CERT San Diego

La Jolla Country Day School
Melisa and Kaye’s Memorial Walk

Del Mar Gun Show

Circle of Influence
Juneteenth San Jose CA
NORCAL Real Estate Expo
EveryCircle-Silicon Valley Athletic Club
BIG Western Regional Training Institute
NORCAL Real Estate Expo
EveryCircle-Silicon Valley Athletic Club
BIG Western Regional Training Institute
BIG Regional Council Meeting Riverside
BIG National Training Institute Las Vegas
EveryCircle-After Hours Networking/Expo

SEIU Local 99 2nd Annual Summer Relief Resource Fair

Orientation Center for the Blind

SEIU Local 99 1st Annual Summer Relief Resource Fair
Juneteenth Fair San Jose CA
Sacramento Dog Show
Notre Dame de Namur University Health Fair

What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • “Thanks for coming to a couple of my speaking engagements now, and more so for surprising me with an original version of one of our first business cards for HOPE! Also, for inspiring me with your story, of how you started your business, inspired by our original work together.
    JOHN HOPE BRYANT Founder, Chairman & CEO | Operation Hope
  • “The workshop was very informative, I look forward to setting another workshop in the future. Thank you again for the awareness.
    Susana J Resident Manager
  • “In behalf of the victims of the typhoon and in behalf of those trying to help the victims, may I thank you and your Grab’n Go pack family! I am copying this message to the Phi Kappa Mu and Phi Lambda Delta e-groups so everyone in our PHI family will be aware of the selfless work you and your team has done to help Filipinos. With utmost gratitude
    Dr. Jess STreasurer PHI International
  • “I saw your talk at the SD Chamber Players BAG group meeting. Looking forward to seeing you again on the 12th at our Lions Club.”
  • “Thank you Darryl great presentation. ”
  • Your knowledge and experience with emergency preparedness is a gift that you generously share with many organizations is various communities. The Rotary Club of Freedom is appreciative! We’re grateful you came to visit our club and educate us.
  • I wanted to thank Daryl for helping me pick my Grab’n Go pack! I wasn’t sure which would be the best one for my location and family. He was super friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks you Daryl!!
  • Hello Daryl, Pat and I have just returned home after your presentation at Uptown Rotary. We were so pleased to have been there to hear all the amazing information you had accumulated You treated a serious topic seriously, but pleasantly and concisely. In our own case, we have heard only a small amount of your recommendations before, and we have done even fewer. We will begin to make further preparations and decisions on our own plans soon. Thank you again for your efforts, and your visit with us. We regard you as a friend, and wish you the best.