I’d, like to introduce you the Grab’n Go Pack, a small mom and pops ecommerce business base in La Mesa California.

We specialize in custom built emergency packs, but our core business is education through a powerful interaction video presentation.

Every year we find new ways to reach out to companies and non-profits with the hopes of being added to your calendar of events or public speaking engagements.

We offer a one of a kind 45-minute emergency preparedness presentation unlike anything you’ve seen in the past.

We provide every attendee with a Grab’n Go Pack Emergency Preparedness Survival Guide.

We set up a table full of FEMA and Emergency Management brochures and pamphlets.

We set up a sales table with 72-Hour Emergency Packs small enough to fit in your office desk, the trunk of your car, RV or boat.  

At the end of the 45-minute presentation we take three of these 72-Hour Emergency Packs, and raffle them too your employees.

Please visit our event page and see what we’ve accomplished.

We hope to be added to your calendar of event for 2020.

Thank you

Daryl Williams
President  & Co-Founder
grab’n Go pack
T  (855) GRAB-N-GO [472-2646]