24 Hour Emergency Pack


The perfect way for your company, non-profit or educational institution to help its community, business and families be better prepared for the next major event. It’s an excellent gift for your college student, company orientation and/or fundraising event. The perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays and for corporate donations during a disaster.

  • Light Weight, Compact and Portable
  • Fits in the Office Desk, Car Trunk, RV or Boat
  • Provides you with Food, Water, Shelter and Lighting
  • A Must have, During any Emergency

The Perfect Gift to always be prepared.

are you prepared?

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3 – 400 Calorie Food Rations*

3 – 1.44oz Water Pouches*

1 – Distress Banner (36″ x 15″ Plastic Waterproof High Visibility)

1 – Solar Blanket (84″ x 55″ retain 90% of your body heat and can be used as ground cover or a shield from the elements)

1 – Emergency Poncho (This heavy-duty poncho is made of brightly colored P.V.C. for high visibility and safety. It stores flat and takes up very little storage space)

1 – Light Stick

1 – Ready Light Flashlight (This light will never let you down – It always works. Convenient wrist strap for easy carry)

1 – Face Mask (3 ply masks with blue polypropylene spun bound outer layer • Latex Free • Low Breathing Resistance • 99.5% plus particular filtration • 97.5 plus bacterial filtration efficiency)

1 – Plastic Whistle with Lanyard (This plastic whistle includes the lanyard. A great attention getter! Durable and lightweight. Convenient heavy duty nylon lanyard. Tip: Use three sharp bursts to indicate a call for help. Use two bursts to answer a call)

1 – Box of 40 Waterproof Matches (Unique blend of non-toxic chemicals formulated to light in wet conditions. Match box striking surface is treated with moisture resistant coating)

1 – 10 Piece First Aid Kit

*5 Year Shelf Life

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in


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