10pc Portable Camping Cooking Bag

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Enjoy your outdoor activities, camping, emergencies, and hiking while cooking with the SE CA1010H Portable Camping Cooking Bag, which quickly and easily heats up food.

This product includes:
(10) Heating packs
(1) Measuring cup
(1) Reusable and resealable food warmer bag

All you need to use this product is water, a heating pack, and a portable food warmer that quickly heats up food and canned goods. Only use this product with sealed metal containers. Maximum Heating Temperature: 381°F (194°C)

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1) Tear open top seal, stretch out the bottom of the bag, and set the bag on a flat clean surface free of debris. 2) Place the heating pack(s) into the food warmer.
3) Add water (20 ml of water for each heating pack).
4) insert canned or sealed food and close the top of the bag. (Caution: use only with sealed metal containers. Keep hands away from hot steam hole).
5) After 15-20 minutes, the food is hot and ready. (Caution: risk of burn or injury. Be careful while opening the bag and handling the hot food. Only use heating packs with the provided food warmer bag).

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 3.6 × 3.5 in


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