30 Watt Megaphone With Voice Recorder & Siren,380 Yards Range

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30 Watt Megaphone with Voice Recorder and Siren, 380 Yards Range allows you to save your voice and record your message.

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• 30 Second Recording & Playback
Save your voice and record your message. Press the record button to begin recording. press the record button with in 30 seconds to     end recording session. press play to hear your recording.

• Audible Range : 1,140 Feet
Share the message to the masses. Our megaphone has 4 volume setting to match your surroundings. At the highest voulume setting, the sound is able to travel the length of 3    American football fields (380 Yards)

• Siren Mode
30 seconds of the preset siren. press the siren button to play the spund. press the siren button again to stop the loop

• Power Source
30 Watt speaker is powered by 4D batteries ( Batteries are not included)

• Travel Size
The handle folds-in and is designed to save space during travel. Easily fits into a backpack or duffel bag.


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