Stainless Steel Wire Saw

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Survivor Series 24″ Stainless Steel Survival Wire Saw with Plastic Handles is useful in different situations, from hiking, camping, emergencies, to simple yard work whenever you need to cut down a branch. Our saw is a highly effective bi-directional cutting chain/wire saw that has a flexible chain blade saw that provides accessibility to hard to reach places when cutting wood. The easy grip 2-3/4″ wide plastic handles can effectively protect the user’s hands when pulling to cut wood. It is portable and easy to use, and our wire saw can be applied to cut wood, plastic, soft metal, and rubber, and is suitable for hunting, fishing, camping, exploring, emergencies, and other outdoor activities.

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• Wire saw is a convenient and practical tool to help you get what you need while outdoors, camping, hiking, and more
• Steel wire saw is portable and easy to use to cut wood, plastic, soft metal, rubber, and more
• Grooved Handle for Rigidity and Grip
• Overall Length: 27″
• Chain/wire dimensions: 24″ length x 1/16″ thickness
• Light weight, mini size, flexible and easy to carry
• Material: 304 stainless steel chain/wire with plastic handles
• Wire Breaking Strength 100 Lbs
• Cuts up-to 4″ Thick branch

-Method 1: use a firm grip on both handles for maximum cutting efficiency.
-Method 2: Wedge the wire handles into the ends of a single branch to create a bow saw.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 11.3 × 6.8 × 4.7 in


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